More drugs, yay!!

Since my symptoms have not changed in the past month and I actually feel worst, I called my GI’s office.  I explained the symptoms I was still having  and he stated we will need to increase your prescription intake.  With the drug Apriso, instead of taking 4 pills a day, he now wants me to take four pills in  the morning  and two in the evening.  So now, drum roll . . . . . . 8 pills a day!! yay! Gotta get a refill, asap!  I’m starting to feel like treatment for UC is a guessing game?!?!  . . and oh so expensive!  This is just the beginning . .

Also, I have to see my GI  in a week for evaluation.  I have a feeling that possible blood work, and other medical testing will occur.  I’ll do what I gotta do to get healthy.  I’m just glad that my GI took the time to call me back . .

How I've been feeling lately :(
How I feel lately 😦

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