Rx drama . . . sighs

Since I had to increase my prescription intake, I ran out of pills a lot sooner than expected. And with the impending “snowstorm” (fingers crossed for a snow day) I don’t want to be stuck in my apartment with no pills. My original prescription was filled in another city so I thought I could transfer my prescription online for Giant pharmacy , FAIL! Thankfully, I called with only a day worth of pills remaining. I got my prescription transferred to the Giant in walking distance of my apt but they told me they do not have my prescription in stock.

I called another Giant pharmacy, was put on hold forever!!! Finally spoke to someone, they had no idea what I was asking about and thought I said amoxicillin?!?! wtf?!? lol Was put on hold again, spoke to a pharmacist and she said “Yes we have it in stock.” I was so happy! , then I asked when can I pick it up? . . and heard a click . . . sighs.  Luckily this was the Giant near my job.

Since I couldn’t focus on work anymore and it was 20 minutes until COB for me, I asked my manager if I could leave early. I told her why and she said, “oh, I drive by the Giant on my way home, I can give you a ride. No point in you walking when its snowing”. So sweet! she even offered to wait for me, but I said I’m fine 🙂

Walked to the pharmacy and my prescription was ready, I was overjoyed! Then I thought, I guess it only took 2 seconds to fill my prescription because they gave me the whole bottle. It’s crazy to know I’ll be done with this bottle in less than a month . . . sighs . . .


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