CCFA Team Challenge . . . .

Prior to being diagnosed with colitis I was very active. I would jog 3 times a week and attend a body-pump class every Saturday, which was a mixture of aerobics and weight lifting. It was for my training for the Mudderella, my first ever mud run.  It was a great experience and I’m glad I did it. After the race I had hoped to continue running, but the pain in my hip increased and I officially had a hip injury. After seeing my doctor, a chiropractor, and a physical therapist for weeks, I went cold turkey and haven’t done high impact exercises since September.  Now that its getting warm again, I really want to start running, but knowing me I have to be motivated.

After browsing I discovered “Team Challenge”.  It’s a 16-week endurance training program where you get the opportunity to raise money for Crohn’s and Colitis research by running a half marathon, marathon, or triathlon.  You can join a local team and members can be fellow IBDers or people that know someone with an IBD. Since I live in the DC metro area, I attended an information session for the Greater Washington DC/VA team. I decided not to sign up this year since I’m newly diagnosed and still adjusting to this new lifestyle, I didn’t feel I was in the right place to take on such a commitment. Maybe next year 🙂 The cool thing about the information session  was that I met the team’s coach, mentor, and manager and they all had an IBD  and shared how Team Challenge changed their lives for the better, it was very inspirational.

I’m not doing team challenge this year, but for those of you looking for an endurance challenge and have an IBD or know someone who has an IBD, check out the info below.

More details about Team Challenge can be found at and check out the video below:


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  1. I just learned they do walks as well. I won’t be able to do the one this year because I missed it, but it’s nice to discover ways to be active in both your health and the IBD community! 🙂

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