In the hospital :( 

It’s the morning of Day 3 of my hospital stay, about to go under for a ileoscopy.  I hope they will now be able to confirm whether I have UC or Crohn’s *fingers crossed* 

My current situation:    

Thank you Ryan Gosling! 😘

5 thoughts on “In the hospital :( 

  1. Hi Krystal, I found your blog after reading Katharine Ellington’s article, and am so glad I did! I’m sorry you’re in the hospital and not feeling well. Definitely a challenging time, but I hope it will bring you some r&r and healing. I am 26 and have had UC since I was 5, so I can relate to some of the things you’re going through. I applaud your bravery in sharing your experience! You are not alone. I myself forget that sometimes, and I’m glad I’ve found your blog to remind me there are others going through the same thing. Hang in there. Also, I LOVE the two memes above. Laughter is absolutely the best medicine 😉

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    1. Hi Lauren! thank you so much for your comment 🙂 Creating this blog has been one of the best things I’ve done that has helped me cope with my “new normal”, which continues to be a daily struggle, might always be . . .But its been great to “meet” fellow IBDers like yourself, and having the support from people that have been in my shoes. It’s very comforting. Thank you 🙂


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