Chaos at the GI’s office . . . . part 2!

After my GI’s annoying behavior it was just me and the PA  again. She goes over all my medications and told me how for certain prescriptions I am only supposed to take as needed. I cocked my head to the side and asked,  “why wasn’t that stated in the prescription instructions?” Her response was, “its only supposed to be taken as needed” I said “okay!” since I could sense some tension.  But I did ask about my the GI’s request to see me weekly and she stated, “Only come as needed” I said “Oh really?” with much sarcasm. .  . . I was soo over it, and ready to go.

Since they were still waiting on my blood work for the hepatitis test, the PA brought up that I need to also be tested for TB . Unfortunately, discussing when to get the PPD placement turned into another battle. When you get tested for TB  you have to come back within 48-72 hours and I am already taking leave on Friday to see my nutritionist, so I suggested next week would be better. She asked why can’t you come in Friday, I stated I’m already taking a half day and my nutritionist is not in this area. Her response was, “Well you need to find a nutritionist that’s closer!” I quickly stated how my primary physician recommend her, but then I stopped myself. Why was I explaining myself to this woman? It is really none of her business. So I thought, how can we resolve this since she’s persistent on me getting this TB test done this week? I looked at her and said, I can come Friday if it’s before work. She suggested 7:30 am, I said SURE!. She jokingly said,  “make sure you’re here on time, because 7:30 is a much earlier start time for Ms. Marie”.  I wanted to say I don’t give a damn to be honest, it’s her job and I’ll be on my way to mine. . .  But I did not say that,  instead I said no worries!  with a big smile :), because I was finally leaving!! And of course I have to come back next week to discuss the results of the blood work and TB test. Once they receive those results, the new discussion will be whether I’ll be starting anti-TNF vs Immunemodulator agents. Or trying systemic steroid treatments.

After next week they will need to find me to make an appointment because if this happens again, I’ll start looking elsewhere. Capital Digestive Care needs to get their shit together. Strike 1!

This has been the most annoying week and being on prednisone doesn’t help. I am highly irritable and pmsing. I apologize in advance to anyone that crosses my path for the next two days lol Thank goodness for the long holiday weekend, it is much needed!

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