A new year of life . . .

Yesterday was my 29th birthday and even though I said I was not in the mood to celebrate, I kind of did 🙂 It’s hard not to celebrate when your birthday is on a Friday. I spent three hours of my afternoon in a spa and a couple of friends surprised me with tickets to see the Chippendale’s, it was an “interesting” night lol.

This is a very exciting time in my life . I’ve attained my first real job that I believe will be challenging and exciting,  real professional growth.  My health is significantly better than what it was earlier this year. And I have changed for the better as a person. I have the strength, courage, and confidence in myself that I never thought existed. My life has been challenging in the past year and might forever be when it comes to my health, but I’ll be okay. I have to be okay.

As I approach this new year of life, I will try my best not to worry about the future, but instead live in the now. Life is too short.

I recently reached out to all my references thanking them for giving a good reference,which helped me get this job. I received the below kind  message from a former colleague, it’s truly inspirational and wanted to share.

I hope it works out well for you and you can continue to grow and develop your many talents.  You are cable of so much. The sky is not even the limit! Keep reading all you can (serious history, genuine science, worthy novels), attend all the best lectures and expositions possible, and don’t waste your time on silly TV shows, low company, and other empty pastimes.  Life is too short and you have much to contribute.  Be kind and compassionate, and generous to those who need help. Visit the old and sick who are lonely, lend a hand in a soup kitchen once in a while.  And always live your life with high standards.

As always I remain hopeful, taking one day at a time 🙂


7 thoughts on “A new year of life . . .

  1. Happy birthday Crystal and congratulations! I also have IBD and sometimes I get overwhelmed by how it can impact my goals. Your strength and perseverance have inspired me to stay strong and not give up. Thanks again for sharing your experiences and best of luck!

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