An IBD experience . .

Every since I started this new job I have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of urgency to go to the restroom. I sat comfortably during back to back meetings for 3 hours sitting far away from the door,  and in one meeting the entire staff was present. I was in awe of how far I have come. But! as always those good days are short-lived when you have IBD.

It was after a team lunch at Lebanese Taverna that my stomach started talking to me.  If my stomach could speak, I’m pretty sure it said “hey old friend, you miss me?” As I gripped my stomach with my left hand and grabbed my poo-pourri with the right, I walked briskly to the restroom. In addition to disliking the 2-stall bathroom layout I also hate that the toilets automatically flush. After I sprayed the poo-pourri I  quickly realized the censor was very sensitive.  As I leaned forward to get paper the toilet flushed, there went the poo-pourri!! When I leaned back the toilet flushed again! Then I heard someone knocking on the door. “Is anyone in here?” said a man’s voice, I yelled, YES! out of frustration and decided to give up. As I walked out the stall the toilet decided to flush a few more times and I just shook my  head. I washed my hands, exited the restroom, and smiled through pain at the janitor who was waiting outside  Before heading back to my desk a coworker said, “free food in the kitchen!” I said “no thanks!” . .  sighs . . .


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