I’m bored . .

Even though I have not been feeling well for the past 3 weeks, i cannot sit still, and have been bored out of my mind lately. New job is cool, but it is work.  My life can’t just be work and sleep, but that’s been my “social life” for the past few months.  I went to a local CCFA support group months ago, but was slightly turned off by the attendees. Everyone there was either too afraid or embarrassed to talk about their disease or were older and accepted their life will  be forever miserable.  I guess I can’t blame them, a few lived with J-pouches or have had the disease for 20+ years in and out of remission.  Also, I found it odd how some stated only their immediate family knows about their disease, how alone they must feel? . . . which is probably the reason  why they attended the support group. In the end, I left the group more pessimistic than optimistic and decided it was not a good fit for me.

The last good experience I had in regards to my IBD was the Take Steps walk in Baltimore this past June. A truly happy experience for everyone involved.  I’ve decided to reach out to my local CCFA chapter and sign up for volunteer opportunities.  It’s not only a way to spend my time doing something positive, but also the possibility of making new friends. This past year, I have had people either stop talking to me or treat me differently, like I’m fragile. It would be nice to be surrounded by people that can relate and are positive about the future.  We shall see . .

Remaining hopeful and taking one day at a time 🙂


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