Humira . . . ouch!! :(

As you can tell I’ve been very moody this week 😉 Life has been busy and to some blogging on a Friday night might seem lame, but it feels wonderful to just lay in bed, sooo tired.

On Sunday I had my first Humira injections and for those of you who are familiar, the first dosage is 4 injections, I did two in each thigh. Luckily, I had a nurse to help me because there was no way I would’ve been successful solo. It was an unpleasant experience . . . I wasn’t expecting the stinging sensation.  I have a high tolerance for pain (like many IBDers) but when the nurse told me to count to 10, I couldn’t . . my mouth was agape and I said loudly, “I was not expecting that!” The nurse chuckled, I was literally speechless and in pain, but I was able to give myself the remaining three injections under the nurse’s supervision.

To basically “stab” yourself in the legs and feel the meds slowly enter your system was not pleasant at all. After the nurse left, I got a little emotional thinking how am I going to do this? But I’ve been told you get used to the feeling, get used to the pain, which is something I have many years of experience doing. What freaked me out the most was seeing a little blood when I removed the injection from my leg . . . but it is a needle . .

Is it normal to not feel one of your legs right after? lol That happened to me. And the one thing I noticed this week at work is that I’ve gone to pee like 5-10 times a day lately. . . . that’s different, i’ll mention it to my GI . . .


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