You gotta laugh – Thanksgiving :)

I've learned that Thanksgiving is no longer an enjoyable holiday, its such a scary day for people with IBD. I still ate everything in sight and totally regretted it, but it's Thanksgiving, everyone suffers on this day right? lol Did anyone have an IBD friendly Thanksgiving? Would you be willing to share your reciepes? ¬†Might … Continue reading You gotta laugh – Thanksgiving ūüôā

FODMAP diet weeks 5 & 6 . . .

In the past couple of weeks I have basically been eating the same things so I will only list my newest additions. Drinks - ¬†I realized I have never mentioned what I drink since starting this diet.¬†I have tried to eliminate soda and juice cocktails from my diet, but¬†of course it's easier said than done. … Continue reading FODMAP diet weeks 5 & 6 . . .

FODMAP Diet Week 3 – My recipes . . .

I added a couple of items to my breakfast routine. Eating a banana, steel-cut oats, and a boiled egg everyday gets boring. I found the below items that are all gluten-free, wheat, dairy, and soy free. Also,"So Coconut milk" is my jam, haven't had any issues with it.    Apologies for the quality of the … Continue reading FODMAP Diet Week 3 – My recipes . . .

FODMAP Diet Week 2- My recipes . . .

FODMAP Diet week 2 was a little easier. I decided to be adventurous by¬†making a shrimp, bacon, and tomato based pasta.¬†It came out sooo well, I had to pat myself on the back. This was the first pasta dish I have had in 6 months, and it did not irritate my stomach at all. ¬†No … Continue reading FODMAP Diet Week 2- My recipes . . .

FODMAP Diet Week 1 – My recipes

FODMAP week 1 was a struggle, i felt like I was always hungry and quickly realized I needed to almost double my portions to prevent snacking.  I had the following meal plan this past week: Breakfast 1 boiled egg - Sunday evening I boiled 5 eggs and every morning I heated a egg in warm water … Continue reading FODMAP Diet Week 1 – My recipes

FODMAP struggle . . .

I went grocery shopping yesterday¬†and was so excited when I found the gluten-free section. Unfortunately, because¬†it's gluten-free does not mean it is¬†FODMAP friendly. ¬†I have discovered that soy, onion, and garlic is in EVERYTHING!! Did you know soy is in kool-aid packets? I could not believe it! And yes I have removed kool-aid from my … Continue reading FODMAP struggle . . .