A new year of life . . .

Yesterday was my 29th birthday and even though I said I was not in the mood to celebrate, I kind of did 🙂 It's hard not to celebrate when your birthday is on a Friday. I spent three hours of my afternoon in a spa and a couple of friends surprised me with tickets to see the … Continue reading A new year of life . . .

Kudos to : Katharine Elkington :)

I hope you all got to read an article that was published via Yahoo News this past weekend titled, This is My Body Today: What I've Lost and What I'm Learning. It's a powerful story about a young woman and her struggle living with Ulcerative Colitis. After reading her article, I had tears in my eyes. Tears … Continue reading Kudos to : Katharine Elkington đź™‚

Youth and IBD . . . .

Through my research I was surprised to discover that many "IBDers" are young, like very young, under the age of 18.  According to CCFA.org, approximately 1.4 million Americans have either Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. That number is almost evenly split between the two conditions, and one in ten IBD patients are under the age of … Continue reading Youth and IBD . . . .