In honor of Crohn's and Colitis Awareness week, Let's make #IBDVisible, make what's under water visible!  

Like spinning? . . . spin for a cure!!

At spin studios throughout the US, people will be spinning for a cure on December 8th. Check out their promotional video below and click this link for more information. Please share 🙂 The more awareness and money that is raised, the closer we are to finding a cure!! I'm surprised I just found out about … Continue reading Like spinning? . . . spin for a cure!!

CCFA Take Steps Baltimore . . . :)

I think I have finally calmed down after my prednisone rage, and hope to finally get some sleep tonight. I've been wired and walking around mad for the past 3 days, scary stuff lol  Anyway on to something positive. This weekend I'm visiting my mother who lives in the suburbs of Baltimore to discuss our … Continue reading CCFA Take Steps Baltimore . . . đź™‚

My body’s schedule . . .

I believe I jinxed myself in my last post. The pain returned the next day, and I have been on Tylenol extra strength ever since. I was able to make an appointment with my GI this Wednesday so I just need to survive until then. Over the long holiday weekend instead of enjoying the beautiful weather, … Continue reading My body’s schedule . . .

Remaining hopeful . . .

I am currently experiencing my first BAD flareup. After 3 days of hell, I am now starting to feel better. To have intense cramps all day and going to the bathroom at least 10 times a day, I feel so relieved that the pain has stopped.  I also feel safe to eat again, earlier today I was scared … Continue reading Remaining hopeful . . .

So sick of . . .

I am so sick of seeing white walls . . . the walls of my doctors' offices, walls of my pharmacy, walls of my job. I'm so sick of paying for co-pays, prescription re-fills, and medical bills.  I'm so sick of medical assistants with bad attitudes, I'm just done lately. I went to see my … Continue reading So sick of . . .

Difference between Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s . . .

The one thing I can confirm about my diagnosis is that I do have an IBD. Which one? I'm not too sure.  I was originally diagnosed with colitis, but now I  might have Crohn's. Since I have devoted all of my research to UC, I now need to educate myself on Crohn's disease.  I found this great … Continue reading Difference between Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s . . .

Follow-up with GI part deux . . .

I finally had my 3-month colonoscopy follow-up with my GI yesterday. As I sat waiting, I pulled out my notebook and re-read my notes.  I wrote out my current symptoms, questions, and things I needed from this visit. When my GI arrived and asked what's going on? his eyes glanced at the pink notebook opened on my lap and … Continue reading Follow-up with GI part deux . . .

Exhausted . . .

Every since I was a kid I have always had "low energy". According to my mother I was the perfect child 🙂 . . . .  Not because I was an only child ;), but I was never hyper.  I was very shy and reserved, and also anemic as a child. I remember in elementary school going … Continue reading Exhausted . . .