Dark Times

Obviously, my plan of posting weekly fell through smh . . . never thought working remotely would be so hectic. The entire month of April & May I worked an average of 12 hours a day, eating fast food because by the time I finished working, it was 8 pm and I was hungry. As … Continue reading Dark Times

‘Tis the season . . .

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone! I hope this day is filled with much joy and you got everything you wished for! 🙂 With every holiday there is always some sort of tradition, I might have a new one! This will be my 2nd year getting a colonoscopy before the New Year. I like to say I'm starting … Continue reading ‘Tis the season . . .

#7daysofIBD – Day 3 Flying!

I'm flying to Texas for the weekend, a quick weekend getaway. I'm excited and scared at the same time. Excited for BBQ and real Mexican food and scared to eat BBQ and real Mexican food . . . sighs . . I gotta be cautious this weekend, but I think I'm prepared. Of course I … Continue reading #7daysofIBD – Day 3 Flying!