I think I caught a cold :(


Will be taking a short hiatus this week 😦 so tired and need to literally unpack before I travel again later this week . . . sighs . .  I need a personal assistant to organize my life!!

Vacay was awesome! San Diego is now one of my top 3 fave cities. To go from beautiful sunny weather, to cold, wet, north east weather and not really resting this weekend, I felt serious chills when it was 75 degrees outside today . smh What can I take for a cold? I’m currently on 40mg of prednisone and Apriso, 4 capsules.

Just returned to my apartment and notice all the mail was for me, all medical bills. Nice to come back from a vacay I could barely afford to over $400 in medical bills. I need a break from my life!

But I don’t regret the vacay or my new hairdo lol two things that always make me happy! 

Goodnight 🙂

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