Too tired to function . . .

I need to find and buy this sweatshirt!!

This was me everyday this past week smh! Fell asleep a few times in my work clothes, but this time around it might be stress related. New co-worker who’s been there for 3 months telling me she’s ready to quit, boss is  walking around with watery eyes and I’m like what’s going on? lol Unlike them my stress is noticeable internally which is something I need to be cautious about with this disease sighs . . .

What type of jobs can you have when you have an autoimmune disease? Non-profits is definitely a NO. Very interesting job I currently have but on certain days I feel like my body can’t keep up , feel like an old person. Is severe fatigue a side effect of Humira? I gotta change my lifestyle, maybe start working out again, hopefully that can help with stress and my energy levels.

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