I guess I’ve been sick for a while . .

It’s so crazy to realize all the issues I have been having for months are all symptoms of colitis.   I discovered that extreme fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, joint pain,  were all symptoms of Ulcerative colitis (UC).  I believe the pain in my hip that got progressively worst over time  was the first major sign of this illness.

UC is definitely an invisible disease, many symptoms will not show unless you look exhausted all the time.  Many of my colleagues are starting to worry about me, stating I look weak and tired. I have to agree with them. My symptoms have been on and off since taking the meds, but the one constant factor has been insomnia. I have not been able to sleep since taking the meds, and if I do have 8+ hours of sleep, I wake up exhausted and with a headache.  I plan to call my GI this week to see if i’m experiencing  side effects of the medication or just symptoms of UC. Has anyone had any experience and/or success with the drug Apriso?  That’s what I’m taking at the moment, plus Omeprazle.

I found this awesome video on YouTube that truly displays life with an IBD. Please watch, and let me know what you think.  All credit goes to Ms. Kelly Patricia from “Finding Strength Through Pain,https://www.facebook.com/FindingStrengthThroughPain


One thought on “I guess I’ve been sick for a while . .

  1. What a brave young woman. This video is very powerful and gives a very, damn brain fog, can’t find the word I’m looking for. Sigh…………………….Great description. I get it, every bit of it. It is very frustrating to have so many invisible chronic illnesses that no one can see, but are ever so real and painful. I hate it when people, knowing how sick I am, say shit like, “you look so good today, you must be feeling better!” OMG WTF? I almost wish I looked sick because I often feel that other’s can’t even fathom what it is we go through, let alone believe because THEY CAN’T SEE IT! I’m so glad to have found your blog. You have some great things here to hopefully educate other’s as to what it’s like to live life this way. I am permanently disabled because of all the diagnoses and I only continue to get more. Sigh………………Although, bittersweet, it is nice to have other’s that DO get it because they are on the same journey as you. Hang in there. Maybe one day we might feel “better.” None of it is curable, at least all the diagnoses I’ve been dealt. Another thing, I have a handicap parking sign to hang from my rear-view mirror. You should see the looks I get. Thanks again, for sharing this very powerful video.

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